About Us

ZIPZAP is a small independent game developer located in Hungary and founded in 2015 by a small group of friends who have been developing commercial games for almost a decade. They focus on creating engaging and unique mobile experiences that are both challenging and original in design.

ZIPZAP's debut game 'Into The Circle' was featured by Apple multiple times and reached out to 2,000,000 players. Their next game 'Sequence - Connecting Numbers' was also featured by Apple.

In 2016 they published 'Highway Traffic Rider', an endless motorcycle racing game which is downloaded 10 million times in only six months. The game is updated regularly with new motorcycles, new game modes and with recently with multiplayer support. The small team has big ambitions to release a new 3D racing title later this year.

Janos Barkoczi

CEO & Programming

Karoly Molnar

CEO & Programming & Design

Zsolt Szentpeteri


Zoltan Kovacs

Sound & Animation

Laszlo Ladik



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